For more than 125 years oelheld has been your specialist for lubricants

In 2012 oelheld celebrated its 125 year jubilee. oelheld was founded by Carl Christian Held in 1887 in Stuttgart, Germany. Today oelheld is a prestigious lubricant specialist and worldwide active.

Our dielectric fluids for EDM die sinking and EDM wire cutting applications are recommended by leading machine manufacturers.

oelheld develops grinding fluids, cutting fluids and water-soluble lubricants for many different applications. Human technology is not just a trademark at oelheld GmbH – it is our guiding principle for a better future.

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oelheld's dielectric fluids for EDM die-sinking, EDM wire-cutting and spark erosion drilling-machines meet the highest requirements.


Grinding oil

oelheld was the first manufacturer who relied on synthetic PAO-grinding oils. Especially for carbide workings it is the best solution.


Cutting oil

Cutting oils of our SulFol series are the best solution and are state of the art in cutting oils-technology because of their special additivation.


Punching oil

The products of our DiaCut and DiaPress series are high performance lubricants for every level of difficulty and are free of chlorine and heavy metals.


Forging lubricants

Our forging lubricants series AirForge is a protecting, isolating and lubricating coating for every specific forging temperature.


Water-soluble lubricants

AquaTec offers you health-security advantages for your production as well as on your working process matched products.


Success stories

Passion for precision since 1908

Eighteen months of testing and a CEO who reaches for the stars...


Synthetic intelligence technology pushes Ingersoll Cutting Tools

Synthetic intelligence technology pushes Ingersoll Cutting Tools Company to new limits ...


AquaTec / The philosophy of master cuts

To grind high-quality knives and scissors and maybe a complete and professional overhaul is a philosophy on its own...


IonoVit S / World record - Depth to diameter ratio bigger than 1000

The successful development of spark erosion drilling processes by using IonoVit S is crowned by a world record...


Admapgas project / turbine disk production

Does wire cutting revolutionise the production process of turbine disks...


DiaPress Punching oil - Tradition is connecting

Cooperation between the Eugen Geyer GmbH and the oelheld GmbH from Stuttgart...


DiaGrind Grinding oil - Gears from Humbel Zahnräder AG

Humbel Zahnräder AG is a family-owned company in its fourth generation located in Kradolf, Switzerland...


IonoPlus and IonoVit Dielectrics - Lufthansa takes off

Costs for consumable material, filters inclusive has been reduced by 75% since using IonoPlus and IonoVit...


AquaTec 7650 “The workaholic amongst all water-soluble lubricants“

For over 100 years Gampper has been manufacturing high-quality plumb-lines and vibration dampers in...


The philosophy of grinding

Where others quit, the art of grinding starts for Titus Traber. The right choice of machine tool and its peripheral products...


Efficiency increase of 25 % with the right grinding fluid

The tool grinding symposium in Wernesgrün, Germany is well known as an event especially for tool and cutter grinders ...


Vacuum filters of the USF-series love AquaTec

So we were eager to try the AquaTec with our systems and were pleasantly surprised...

Ziegelbauer have chosen to use PAO-grinding fluid by oelheld

In 1964, Ziegelbauer GmbH was founded by Hermann Ziegelbauer in Munich, as a one-man business...


IonoVit 0 Dielectric - Details of a brilliant idea

Precision in detail - this is what eropräzisa gmbh, located in Hermsdorf...


The solution for Alesco - IonoPlus IME-MH

Alesco in Dietzenbach stands for experience, know-how and passion in the development and production of individual stages of...



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Classification of products according to GHS


GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) was introduced by the United Nations. The aim is to simplify and ...

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