Important facts about spark erosion


Experience the technology of spark erosion and the process of electrical discharge machining (EDM).
The use of Dielectrics in spark erosion, the electrical discharge machining (EDM) process.
Functions of the Dielectric are the removal of the eroded particles and cooling of the workpiece.
Requirements for Dielectrics to have the best possible results when roughing and polishing during the EDM process.
These criterias are generally used nowadays for evaluating Dielectrics.
Flushing processes during spark erosion such as open, pressure, suction, combined and interval flushing.
Filtration of the dielectric with cartridge filters, precoated filters and Transor filter systems.
Which effect does the spark erosion have on the workpiece?
Introducing the dielctric IonoPlus for EDM machines.
We have different kind of dielectrics out of our IME-series. Each one has a different flashpoint for a specific application.
Building of gases during the spark erosion.
Our dielectrics and the human skin.
Mind this rules when working with a dielectric.
Formation of craters on metal surfaces during the spark erosion process.


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