Dielectrics and the human skin

Decades of practical experience with the dielectrics IME 63, IME 82, IME 110 and IME 126, as well as the knowledge of their composition, permit us to state that they have no damaging effect on human skin. Practically only one‘s hands come into direct contact with the dielectric during work. Remnants that are left sticking to the skin can be removed without the use of cleaning agents that have mechanically or chemically aggressive properties.

In this way secondary damage is also avoided. It is difficult to make general predictions on the effect of dielectrics on persons with particularly sensitive skin or with a tendency to allergies, but practical experience has shown that a negative reaction only occurs in very rare cases. (Test reports have been issued by the Institute for Research and Material Testing in Baden-Württemberg.)

However, metal particles suspended in the impure dielectric do have a negative effect on skin. These particles are microscopically small, hollow, steel globules, open on one side and with very sharp edges. These globules can easily hurt the epidermis and lead to skin damage. Certain medicines, such as Penicillin, can sensitize the epidermis even further. In all these cases it is advisable for a skin protecting cream that is not oil soluble to be rubbed into the hands. Pieces of clothing soaked with dielectric ought to be changed at once.

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