Functions of the Dielectric

One important function of the dielectric is to insulate the workpiece from the electrode. The disruptive discharge must take place across a spark gap which is as narrow as possible. In this way efficiency and accuracy are improved.

As quickly as possible optimum conditions for the production of an electrical field must be created and then a spark path must be provided. After the impulse the spark path must be deionized quickly so that the next discharge can be made. The dielectric ought to constrict the spark path as much as possible, so that high energy density is achieved, which increases discharge efficiency at the same time.

The spark has a temperature of 8000 – 12000° C when it punctures the workpiece and so the dielectric must cool both the electrode and the workpiece. Overheating of the electrode must be avoided, so that excessively high electrode wear cannot occur. It must be possible for the metal gases which develop during spark erosion to condense in the liquid.

Removal of waste particles

Metal particles that have been eroded away must be removed from the area of erosion by the dielectric to avoid disruptions in the process.

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