The use of Dielectrics in spark erosion

In 1943 the Russian research scientists, Mr. and Mrs. B. R. and N. J. Lazarenko, discovered that the erosive effect of capacitor discharges could be utilized in the processing of metals. At first they used ordinary air as a dielectric.

Very soon it became clear, however, that liquid mineral oil derivatives had considerable advantages. Disruptive strength was greater. Smaller spark gaps could be used, making higher precision possible.

Spark frequency could be increased and metal particles could be removed without difficulty. Without these mineral oil products the industrial utilization of spark erosion would never have become possible. Initially products containing petroleum and products derived from white spirit (e. g. Kristallöl 60) were used.

From 1960 onwards the mineral oil industry began developing industrial fluids specifically for use in spark erosion machines.

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