"Innovative fluid management and consequent product developments and quality management are the key for success of our products."

The long experience with high-tech lubricants allows us to enter to the specific requirements of our customers and adapt existing fluids to different production processes.

If you need more than just a standard product or increase your productivity, please contact us and put our laboratory to the test. We guarantee a longstanding lifetime for most of  our products and analyze the products you are using constantly.

Product range oelheld

Metalworking fluids are the core competence of oelheld. Dielectrics for the spark erosion and grinding fluids are our speciality.
Water-soluble cooling lubricants of our AquaTec series. Emulsion or solution, we have the right coolant for grinding, milling and turning.
Industrial lubricants such as hydraulic oil, slideway oil, spindle oil and gear oil for your process operation.
Special greases for special requirements.
AirForge forging lubricants for high standards in your cold forming and hot forming process.
Peripheral products, small aides of oelheld: skin protection, corrosion protection, oil binder etc.

Product range

In our laboratories and in cooperation with international prestigious research institutions oelheld develops premium metal working fluids and opens numerous industry companies the way for serious increased performance at minimized costs.

oelheld product range


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