Forging lubricants

Increasingly sophisticated and complex forging processes require new varieties of release agents thus making more traditional forming processes a thing of the past.

Besides its perennial and internationally best selling AirForge (glass coating) product, oelheld is more and more penetrating the market of water-soluble forging lubricants for the hot and warm forging industry, e.g. the auto industry.

With or without graphite, black or white AirForge lubricants meet or exceed the highest standards:

  • Water-soluble and therefore economical and environmentally-friendly to use
  • Extremely good homogenous spray coverage under a wide range of temperatures guarantee an immediate and even release film on the forging die
  • Material flow and mold release benefit from superior release and discharge properties

In our brochure you will find all information about AirForge, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.  

Download the brochure of AirForge

Benefits - Forging lubricants

  • Clean & sharply pronounced recessed lettering and engravings
  • Superior release-, cooling- and discharge properties
  • Excellent formed shapes on deep cavities
  • Increased tool life
  • Reduced down-times
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Skin friendly through low pH-value

Benefits - Glass coating

  • Good tool die form detail
  • Application
    ... by paint brush, roller, sprayed by airless-spraying or Electrostatic-spraying-systems.
  • Good adhesion
    ... to the work piece after drying (also on difficult shapes).
  • Very good heat isolation
    ... and heat retention which leads to a better material flow.
  • Very good high temperature lubrication elasticity
    ... because the glass coating can follow the deformation of the work piece without breaking down.
  • Barrier layer against gas diffusion
    ... oxygen and hydrogen.
  • No chemical reaction on metal alloys
  • Good seperation properties
    ... no adhesion between forging die and work piece and therefore no wear.
  • Compatible
    ... with all regular used forging lubricants.
  • AirForge
    ... products can be diluted with deionised water.

Protective Shield - Glass coating

The AirForge products have been primarily developed for the aeronautical forging industry. The principal objectives was to develop a glass coating to protect the work piece against corrosion, gas diffusion and good heat retention. Also the best lubrication for the forging process is guaranteed. These properties lead to excellent material flow during the forging operation, for parts out of titanium-, nickel based or special steel alloys.

Cooling down results under laboratory conditions of Glass Coating

Because of the exceptional high elasticity of the lubricating film, AirForge is capable of following complex geometry, thus reproducing fine details from tool forms.


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