Definition of grease according to DIN 51 825
Grease is a consistent lubricant which consists of mineral oil and/or synthese oil as well as a thickener.

The advantage of greases is its high consistence. Greases enables to grease in all installation plants. They stuff bearing positions and protect them from intruding dirt and prevent corrosion.  Greases consists  from mineral or synthese oil, additives and thickeners, for example lithium, natrium and calcium soaps. The base oil and thickener are decisive for the properties of the grease. The amount of the thickener and its chemical composition define requested consistence (NLGI-class).

oelheld supplies:

  • Multi-purpose grease for roller bearings and friction bearings
  • Mineral oil based greases
  • Gear grease
  • Grease for food engineering
  • Special greases for special requirements (heat resistant high-temperature grease, cryogenic grease and exteme pressure greases)


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