Spindle oil

HiPure HLPD 68

Fine filtered special hydraulic fluid for your spindles
Purity class 15/13/10 according to ISO 4406

Fine filtered special hydraulic fluid with detergent (cleaning) properties for hydrostatic systems.

HiPure HLPD 68 spindle oil is a fine filtered, zinc-free, paraffinbased special fluid with additives for an excellent wear protection which contributes to the aging resistance and to the improvement of the gliding performance. This product has excellent detergent and dispersing properties. Further it is characterized by its outstanding corrosion protection.

Field of application
Due to the guaranteed and high purity grade this hydraulic fluid is used for the lubrication of bearings in engines and high-frequency spindles, such as Step-Tec.

Hydraulic fluid HLPD according to DIN 51 524-2:1985 and DIN 51502,
Purity class: 15/13/10 according to ISO 4406
8 according to SAE AS 4059

Fill into the central system device without any cross-contamination with other material. Seal the bottle carefully after using. Prevent any kind of dust during the filling process. The filling nozzle has to be cleaned before each filling.

Fine filtered according to purity class 15/13/10 (ISO 4406)

  • Improved gliding performance
  • Increased aging stability
  • Detergent and dispersing effect
  • Absorbing of water

Water hazard class: WHC 1
Waste code: EAK 13 01 10

In our brochure you will find all information about HiPure HLPD 68, fine filtered special hydraulic fluid as well as the advantages of the product.

Download the brochure of our HiPure HLPD 68


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