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The SulFol LC-series cutting oils by oelheld have been developed especially for all applications in the area of chipping with geometrically defined blades. They are the ideal solution and, due to their special composition, totally up to date with current cutting oil technology.

With regards to these products, oelheld naturally remain true to their brand concept "Human Technology – for Man, Nature and Machine." Therefore, all oils of the SulFol LC-series are free from chlorine, almost free from aromatics and low in oil fumes.

The products, produced from solvent refined base oils, are characterized by particularly good cooling, wetting and lubricating effects, which leads to significant improvement of surface quality and tool edge life. Due to the special high performance composition, all oils within the SulFol LC-series have a high aging resistance and an excellent viscosity and temperature performance.

In our brochure you will find all information about SulFol, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

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High-performance cutting oils

DiaMill HEF 1100 an alternative to water-soluble products in your machining centers for gear hobbing, turning, milling and drilling.
SintoCut PE-HE 1000 is a PAO based cutting oil which is producing only low oil mist during your maching process.

Cutting oils of our SulFol LC-series were divided in different  applications and materials in different additivated groups with always 3-4 viscosity classes.

SulFol LCD
850 / 1500 / 2200 / 3200

Types of machining:
- drilling
- turning
- milling
- thread cutting
- hobbing
- to some extend reaming


- cast materials
- machinable steel (easy and medium difficulty)
- non-ferrous metals
- aluminium alloys
- magnesium alloys

SulFol LCO
850 / 2200 / 3200

Types of machining:
- heavy chipping
- deep hole drilling
- reaming
- honing


- high-alloyed steel
- heat-treated steel
- corrosion resistant steel
- nitrided steel
- tool steel

SulFol LCI
850 / 2200 / 3200

Types of machining:
- drilling
- turning
- milling
- punching
- deep-drawing


- cast materials
- non-alloy and alloyed heat-treated steel
- nitrided steel
- tool steel

The remaining oil film from SulFol LCI provides temporary corrosion protection for inside storage for several weeks!

Recommendations for our cutting oils

Leading manufacturers of toolmachines and filters are recommending our cutting oils. Our cutting oils are free of chlorine, almost free of aromatic compounds and smoke-free.


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