The right dielectric for every machine!

Whether for roughing work or use in ultra-fine finishing – the dielectric has to satisfy the very specific requirements for every application. The high-performance dielectrics from oelheld are made from synthetic base oils and contain discharge-intensifying and wear-reducing additives and ageing inhibitors for use in electrical discharge machines (EDM).

By contrast with the conventional mineral oil products, the high-purity synthesis products enriched with the oelheld-patented satellite electrodes from the IonoPlus series are manufactured in a special blending process.

It does not matter whether die sinking, wire cutting or start hole drilling, we have the right dielectric for your machining process!

In our brochure you will find all information about our dielectrics, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the products.

Download the brochure of our dielectrics

In our brochure you will find all information about important facts about spark erosion

Download the brochure for important facts about spark erosion

Product range dielectrics

EcoSpark 105 is our standard product out of our dielectic series which can be used for finishing and roughing during your EDM process.
Dielectric IonoPlus IME-MH for die sinking is recommended by many machine manufacturers. Improve your EDM process by using it in your machine.
Erosion or grinding without changing the medium with our multi-functional oil IonoGrind. One oil with multi-functions for your machining process.
Dielectrics of our IME-series are recommended by the leading manufacturers of EDM machines. Start eroding with our standard product!
Following on the experience and success with its dielectrics in the field of electrical discharge machining (EDM), oelheld has now set itself new...
The dielectrics for fast hole drilling machines grant a economic and fast EDM process.
ControFil 2 was developed for wire cutting machines. The corrosion protection prevents corrosion on the workpiece successfully.

Recommendations for our dielectrics

Leading filter and EDM machine manufacturers are recommending our quality. Our dielectrics occupy high strength and are almost odourless. In addition to that they reach the degree of purity of pharmaceutical white oils and are practically free of aromatic compounds.


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