Dielectrics IME-Series

oelheld dielectrics IME have been tested in extensive experiments , have proven themselves in practice for decades and are recommended by leading manufacturers of spark erosion plants.

oelheld dielectrics IME posses greatest disruptive strength, they are clear fluids and are almost odourless. During erosive process they do not change their colour. They have the same purity as pharmaceutical white oil and are free of aromatic compounds.

oelheld dielectrics IME have been classified as harmless i.r.o. operational safety and industrial hygiene by the Institute for Research and Material Testing of the State of Baden-Württemberg/Germany.

Whether in rough cut operations or in fine work – the dielectric must meet the specific requirements of each particular case of application.

The high-performance dielectrics for use in electrical discharge machining are produced on a synthetic base and have additives with aging inhibitors.

oelheld dielectrics IME are particularly characterised by:

  • high dielectric strength
  • high degree of metal removal
  • excellent resistance of electrode wear
  • good aging stability
  • effective cooling
  • good filterability
  • high operational safety
  • physiologically tested
  • long operating time

In our brochure you will find all information about our IME-Series, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.  

Download the brochure of our IME-Series

Technical facts

oelheld dielectrics

IME 63

IME 82

IME 110

IME 126

Density at +15 °C [g/cm³]





Kin. viscosity at +20 °C [mm²/s]





Flashpoint [°C]





Dielectric strength (kV)





Dielectric IME 63

Dielectric IME 63 is extremely thin-bodied and has a particularly low surface tension. It is especially suitable for very fine work where the least possible overcut is required (e.g. micro drilling of spinnerets and the manufacturing of microelectronic parts).

Dielectric IME 82

Dielectric IME 82 combines high metal removal with electrode wear, which makes it particularly suitable for general use in manufacturing tools and moulds. Even rough cut operations using an electric current of up to 1000 amps can be carried out with this dielectric.

Dielectric IME 110

Dielectric IME 110 is mostly used if a flashpoint of 100 °C is required for safety reasons, while simultaneously much finishing still has to be done. It is universal usable from fine finishing till roughing works. Best results will be reached by using graphit electrodes.

Dielectric IME 126

Dielectric IME 126 is characterised by very high metal removal and is particularly suited for rough cut operations, such as the manufacture of forging dies. It can only be used for finishing, if the best possible flushing conditions are ensured.


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