IonoPlus IME-MH - Dielectric

After many years of research oelheld introduces an entirely new, powerful concept into dielectrics: IonoPlus IME-MH.

In contrast to conventional mineral oil raffinates here is a combination of high-purity synthetic products enriched by a special blending process with satellite electrodes.

In our brochure you will find all information about IonoPlus IME-MH, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.

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Product range IonoPlus

IonoPlus IME-ET is our EDM fluid for fine finishing and super-finishing.
IonoPlus IME-GL has an excellent roughing performance, as well as optimal flushing effect at highest dielectric strength.
IonoPlus IME-ZK is a universal EDM fluid which is used for everything from fine finishing to high roughing works, a real universal dielectric.

Success stories:
IonoPlus - Lufthansa takes off
Dielectric is decreasing costs for consumable materials...
IonoPlus - A bright green success story
Higher dielectric strength at lower electrode wear...

Certificate about the skin campatibility of IonoPlus 'A'

Technical facts


Density at +15 °C [g/cm³]


ASTM D 7042

Kin. viscosity at +40 °C [mm²/s]


ASTM D 7042

Pourpoint [°C]


DIN ISO 3016

Flashpoint [°C]


DIN EN 2719

Aromatic content (Weight %)


DIN 51 378

As a truly universal dielectric, IonoPlus IME-MH is suited for all operations from the finest finishing processes to the most effective rough cut. Besides having the best possible effectiveness in flushing and the greatest possible disruptive strength, it offers a whole series of unique advantages. IonoPlus IME-MH dielectric has been thoroughly tested by the Institute for Research and Control of Work Materials in Baden-Württemberg/Germany in respect to operational safety and industrial hygiene. Toxic or allergic symptoms cannot occur during use. A tolerance limit in the air surrounding the place of work (MAK value) is not reached.

IonoPlus IME-MH dielectric can be used in all conventional filter plants. The regulations for flammable liquids (VbF) do not apply to IonoPlus IME-MH.

  • Greater resistance to electrode wear
    Macromolecules surround the electrode like a protective grid.

  • Improved surface quality
    Satellite electrodes bring about an optimal distribution of discharges.

  • Shining results in the polishing process
    Within a minimum amount of time a surface roughness of less than 0.1μ can be achieved.

  • Best possible dispersing capacity
    Swift dispersion of waste particles helps actively to prevent burn spots from forming.


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