IonoPlus IME-ZK - Fully synthetic dielectric with satellite electrodes

In contrast to conventional mineral oil raffinates in our IonoPlus IME-ZK is a combination of high-purity synthetic products enriched by a special blending process with satellite electrodes, which have an positive effect during the spark erosion process.

IonoPlus IME-ZK is suited as a truly universal dielectric for all operations from the finest finishing processes to the most effective rought cut. Besides having the best possible effectiveness in flushing and the greatest possible disruptive strength. Due to its very low aromatic content of 0,002 weight %  this product meets or exceeds the latest workplace safety regulations, even when heating the product. Toxic or allergic reactions on the human skin or on the eyes have not been observed.

IonoPlus IME-ZK can be filtered with paper-band filters and precoated filter systems. Due to its low viscosity it is also very well suitable for the use in spark erosion machines with small spark gaps.

Technical facts

Density at +15 °C [g/cm³]


ASTM D 7042

Kin. viscosity at +20 °C [mm²/s]


ASTM D 7042

Flashpoint [°C]



Danger class (VbF)


In our brochure you will find all information about IonoPlus IME-ZK, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

Download the broshure of IonoPlus IME-ZK


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