The philosophy of grinding

For every machine the right grinding oil!

The choice of the right product depends essentially on the respective process factors. A fundamental qualitative preselection can, however, be made. As polyalphaolefins are synthetically produced basic oils, they not only have a particularly high purity but are also characterised by their resistance.

The incorporation of special additives developed in oelheld’s own laboratories, products are created that impress with their versatility and quality.

Our grinding oils can be classified in three product categories:

In our brochure you will find all information about grinding oils, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

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Product range grinding oils

Grinding fluids for high-speed grinding of tungsten carbide and HSS. Grind your carbide tools with DiaGrind TTK!
DiaGrind 535 was especially developed for gear grinding and gear hobbing.
DiaMond 120 Superfinishoil out of this series is mainly used on Hauser machines for jig grinding.
Erosion or grinding without changing the medium with our multi-functional oil IonoGrind. One oil with multi-functions for your machining process.
SintoGrind TTK is a synthetic high-performance grinding fluid. High-performance lubricant for grinding of tungsten carbide and HSS.
SintoGrind SI was developed for grinding glass and technical ceramics. Best surface quality guaranteed!
ToolGrind grinding oils have low aromatic content and are used for grinding tungsten carbide and HSS tools.

Your plus with oelheld:

  • Faster machining
  • Less tool-wear
  • Better surface quality
  • Foam-inhibited
  • No filer problems
  • Good compatibility with all machine components
  • Manufacturer approvals
  • No cobalt leaching
  • No cracking on the  surface of the workpiece
  • Long-lasting
  • High flashpoints at low viscosity

Foaming behaviour of the basic oils

Poor foaming behaviour and air release properties result in filter systems foaming over and poor grinding results. Since the air trapped in the oil is compressed, the decompression that occurs when it leaves the cooling lubricant nozzle causes cavitation that results in increased wear. A laminar jet can no longer be directed onto the grinding wheel. The use of low-foam grinding oil with good air release properties thus increases the process reliability.

The tests carried out in our development centre illustrate the foaming behaviour and air release properties of different basic oils. In the figures below, the sample bottles were each filled with mineral oil, hydrocrack and polyalphaolefin and heavily enriched with air. This creates foam and the air is trapped in the basic oil that is clearly visible as bubbles.
A crucial factor for the foaming behaviour and air release property is how quickly the trapped air can escape from the basic oil and how quickly the foam thereby breaks down.

Mineral oil

Hydrocrack oil


Evaporation loss

Despite a boiling point of the oil of 250° C, oil vapours are constantly produced due to evaporation. These result not only in a continuous loss of the medium (oil), but also significantly burden the surroundings of the machine and hence also the people employed in the company. The highest evaporation rates naturally occur with watersoluble cooling lubricants. Due to their uniform composition, polyalphaolefin- based grinding oils have a roughly twothirds lower evaporation loss than conventional hydrocrack and mineral oil products.

Air release property

The air release property is determined by measuring how many minutes the air bound in the oil requires to leave the medium again down to a residual content of 0.2% v/v. Every air bubble trapped in the oil later interrupts the lubricant film of the medium during the process. Hence, the more air there is in the oil and thus in the process, the poorer will be the machining result. Polyalphaolefins are characterised in particular by an outstanding air release property and thus offer a significantly higher process reliability.

The figure shows the different grinding results with two different grinding oils under the same test conditions. The significantly better results in all the trials were obtained using the SintoGrind grinding oil developed by oelheld.

Tool grinding

In order to demonstrate the efficiency of our PAO grinding oils, we carried out a series of trials with leading companies from the grinding industry. The different ground parts were subsequently examined under a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The images below show clear-ly the difference in the surface quality of the parts ground using SintoGrind.

Gear grinding

A further problem that often results in parts becoming scrap is surface burning. This naturally reduces the profitability of the production and the time required increases. In order to be able to produce parts in the best possible quality, oelheld has also developed its products in numerous trials specially in order to overcome this problem.

Trials have shown that outstanding results can be achieved during gear grinding with the allsynthetic product SintoGrind from oelheld. With repeated applications it was possible to extend the intervals between the dressing cycles and the intervals between the dressing cycles and the material removal to be significantly increased during gear grinding. This means not only an enormous saving in time but also an outstanding quality of the produced parts and less tool wear.

Grinding oils from oelheld thus offer excellent quality and are characterised in particular by the large number of advantages that pay off for your process – qualitatively and financially – as longer service lives and higher quality of the produced parts are convincing arguments that pay off in the long term.

Part damaged by surface burning that
thus has to be scrapped.

Finished gear wheel from a grinding process designed for the use of SintoGrind.

Recommendations for our grinding oils

Leading filtration and grinding machine manufacturers are recommending our grinding oils and are worldwide accepted and used for tool grinding.


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