DiaCut CP punching oils

DiaCut punching oils have been developed especially for fast punching machines. They effectively prevent the formation of built-up edges and allow for punching largely without burrs. DiaCut punching oils are rolled or sprayed onto the work pieces to be processed. After the operation the parts are practically free of residue. DiaCut punching oils are free of chlorine and
heavy metals and practically free of aromatic compounds, so they guarantee best health protection as well as greatest possible effectivity.

DiaCut CP 1
a punchin oil of highest purity, developed for steel and non-ferrous heavy metals. All of the ingredients have been admitted for contact with food by the American Food and Drug Authority (FDA). DiaCut CP 1 is extremely thin-bodied and evaporates without leaving any residue behind.

DiaCut CP 2
a punching oil with low viscosity and good performance, suitable for steel and copper alloys. It evaporates leaving practically no residue behind.

DiaCut CP 4
a thin-bodied highly effective punching oil with very good EP qualities for the processing of steel and copper alloys. DiaCut CP 4 can also be used as a drawing oil, which leaves practically no residue behind. At the same time it offers increased protection against corrosion for longer storage of the processed parts.

DiaCut CP 5
a very highly alloyed punching oil, which can nevertheless also be used for copper alloys (except for very pure copper).

DiaCut CP 6
a highly alloyed punching oil for nickel chromium steel, also suitable as a drawing oil. DiaCut CP 6 is thin-bodied, it evaporates leaving practically no residue behind, and it affords an increased protection against corrosion. It is not suited for copper alloys.

In our brochure you will find all information about DiaCut CP, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product. 

Download the brochure of  DiaCut CP


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