Fluid management

Fluid management by oelheld offers a special service when using our cooling lubricants. This includes not only analyzing and conditioning the lubricant but also recording the consumption and evaluating all data.

We are checking the fluid level of your machine tank or your central system and will refill the tank if required. Furthermore, we drain, clean out and flush the cooling system and we are taking care of mixing fresh coolant and refilling the system.

We regularly analyze the coolant applying chemical and physical methods (Water content, measuring the concentration with a refractometer, determining nitrite content and pH-value, conductivity, microbial load, etc.).

In case the target concentration differs we will take care of restoring it. This also includes the maintenance with the help of oil separators or additives.

Last but not least, consultation and documentation (lubrication chart, user manual etc.) are also part of our Fluid management.


Phone: +49 711 168 63-0
Fax: +49 711 168 63-3500
E-mail: hutec(at)oelheld.de

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