LubTool 6000 - Corrosion protection spray for precision-tools

LubTool 6000 is a modern product which forms a thin, grease-like protective film. It offers reliable corrosion-protection for long-term storage and heavy use

LubTool 6000 does not resinify and can be easily removed after long-term storage. Sprayed parts can be EDM wire-cut without any problems.

LubTool 6000 should be shaken before use and sprayed on, ensuring all toolsurfaces are completely covered. Container should be held vertically during operation.

LubTool 6000 corrosion protection spray is free of FHC, CHC and FCHC.

Shake LubTool 6000 well before use and spray it extensive on tool surfaces. Hold vertically and spray.

Technical facts


grease like, soft


inside and outside stored parts


all kinds of solvents, LubTool 4000

corrosion test

> 600 Std. hours climate chamber at a layer thickness of ~ 25 μm

In our brochure you will find all information about LubTool 6000, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the corrosion protection spray.

Download the brochure of LubTool 6000


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