Transport tank for emulsions or oil

Transport tank for a mobile and spill-free support with fresh emulsion or fresh oil

  • The transport tank is filled using an external pump or an emulsion mixing device
  • The electrical connection for the pump or the mixing device is provided by a power outlet of the transport tank
  • By the integrated overfill protection the overfilling of the tank will be prevented
  • Liquids can be delivered from the tank by a booster pump with pump nozzle
  • The medium is let out through an integrated filter by the transport tank for oil (additional equipment)
  • An optional meter measures the exact volume that is let out

Construction characteristics:
The transport tank is composed of a steel tank with steer- and trestle roller on the bottom side of the tank and at the upper side the booster pump is located. The tank is filled by the filling spout which is at the upper site of the tank. The integrated overfill protection is turning off the booster pump or mixing device by reaching the maximum level. To empty the transport tank for emulsions a dispensing tube with a pump nozzle and optional volume counter are used for our transport tank for oil the oil can be delivered by the integral filter (additional equipment) in defined purity.

Technical facts

Unit type

Transport tank for emulsions

Transport tank for oil


Fresh emulsion

Fresh oil

Length (mm) 



Width (mm)



Height (mm) 



Tare weight (kg) 



Tank capacity(l) 



Flow rate, max. (l/min)     



Working pressure (bar)



Electrical connection

230 V / 50 Hz / 0,9 kW

380 V / 50 Hz / 1,0 kW

Dispensing tube (m) 

3 (R 3/4“)

3 (R 3/4“)

Pump type

Side channel pump

Gear pump

Standard equipment:
Overfill protection for wagon filling, 10m electric cable, dipstick

Additional equipment:
Volume counter, oil filters with a filtration rate of 3 to 5 μm (transport tank for oil)

In our brochure you will find all information about our oil separator.

Download the brochure of our transport tank for emulsions or oil


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