AquaTec water-soluble lubricants

The well known disadvantages with water-soluble metalworking fluids (corrosion in machines and work pieces, sticky residues in machines, low tool life, fungi and bacteria development, etc.) had been for Dr. Storr and his research and development department the motivation to break new ground and to develop new products, that guarantee that most of the well known disadvantages will be a thing of the past.

With the new designed product line AquaTec we are able to offer you a product
that is solving most of the above mentioned disadvantages, is elevating your process stability and is reducing your ongoing costs at the same time.

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In our brochure you will find all information about the AquaTec series, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.

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Product range water-soluble lubricants

AquaTec 1530 is a high quality EP-cooling lubricant with a medium content of mineral oil. It is suitable for universal machining of steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metals.
AquaTec 1548 was designed for machining works of non-ferrous metals, especially brass alloys.
AquaTec 1550 is a high-class, EP cooling concentrate with medium mineral oil content.
AquaTec 3001 is a synthetic and mineral oil free water-soluble EP cooling lubricant.
AquaTec 3101 is a synthetic water-soluble coolant for grinding.
AquaTec 5001 is a high-class, mineral-oil-free cooling concentrate, especially developed for grinding carbide.
AquaTec 7000 is a high-quality and mineral oil free grinding concentrate for ferrous metals.
AquaTec 7520 is a low-cost semisynthetic cooling lubricant of high stability for general metal working.
AquaTec 7539 is a high-quality semisynthetic cooling lubricant of high stability for general to heavy metal workings.
AquaTec 7544 is a water-mixable cooling lubricant of high stability for general metal working.
AquaTec 7650 is a water-soluble EP-coolant, especially developed for general machining.

Health benefits - AquaTec

  • AquaTec creates low mist levels
  • AquaTec is dermatologically approved
  • AquaTec provides superior stability for long sump life
  • AquaTec contains no heavy metals
  • AquaTec meets all requirements according REACh

Benefits - AquaTec

  • Extreme long life without use of additional additives
  • Reduced coolant maintenance
  • No foam problems
  • Universal use possible on single and centralised filtration systems
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Low air pollution
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Improved tool life
  • Better surface finish


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