AquaTec 1530 - Emulsifiable cooling lubricant concentrate

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AquaTec 1530 is a high performance semisynthetic cooling lubricant concentrate for moderate to heavy-duty metalworking applications. Mixed with water, it provides excellent lubrication and corrosion inhibition in grinding and cutting of steels, cast iron and most aluminium alloys. It is not recommended for magnesium alloys.

Mixed with water AquaTec 1530 generates a finely dispersed cooling lubricant emulsion with minor foam characteristics. It combines a strong cooling effect with good lubricating effect and increased pressure absorption. There is no resinification of dried residues of the emulsion and thus it is easily re-emulsifiable.

AquaTec 1530 contains mineral oil (31% approx), is free of amines, boric acid, chlorine, heavy metals and it can be used for all metal cutting of steel, cast-iron, copper alloys and aluminium. Because of specially selected raw materials AquaTec 1530 is extremely resistant against micro-organisms and allows for a long emulsion service life. AquaTec 1530 is free of chlorine, nitrite, silicone or phenolic biocides.


  • Wide range of application
  • Extended fluid life
  • Excellent lubrication and anticorrosion for ferrous- and non-ferrous metals
  • Excellent rinsing properties for open cutting
  • Extremely low foaming in high pressure and flood type applications

AquaTec 1530 contains anion active and nonionogenic emulsifying agents, EP additives and anti-corrosion-agents.

Technical facts



pH-value - Application


Density at +20 °C [g/cm³]


Mineral oil content

ca. 31%

Mixing instruction:
Mix AquaTec 1530 always by simultaneously stir in drinking water, never the other way around. The received concentration can be checked by using a hand refractometer.
Refractometer factor = 1,2


5% (1:20)

6% (1:17)

7% (1:14)

8% (1:13)

10% (1:10)







Emulsions must not be mixed with pure drinking water, otherwise they lose their stability. Instead add a very low concentrated emulsion of the used emulsion. The use of deionised or demineralised water for refilling increases the stability of the emulsion, avoids the formation of deposits and reduces the consumption of the concentrate.

Before preparing a new solution the system must be cleaned thoroughly with a system cleaner. Used solutions must be disposed by means of legal waste disposers.

In our brochure you will find all information about AquaTec 1530, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.

Download the brochure of AquaTec 1530


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