AquaTec 1548 - Emulsifiable cooling lubricant

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AquaTec 1548 is an EP cooling lubricant that can be mixed with water. It contains mineral oil (34% approx), is free of amines, boracic acid, chlorine, nitrates, bactericide for metal cutting and grinding. It is developed for grinding of copper alloys especially brass and aluminium alloys as well as ferrous metal and steel.

AquaTec 1548 mixed with water, it produces a finely dispersed, whitish cooling lubricant emulsion, which combines a strong cooling effect with a good lubricating effect and an increased pressure absorption.

Though AquaTec 1548 is free of biocides, it is extremely resistant against micro-organisms because of its specially selected raw materials and allows for a long emulsion service life.

AquaTec 1548 has a pleasant odour and is proven to be dermatologically safe.


  • Wide range of applications
  • High stability and extended lifetime in single filled machines
  • Excellent greasing and good flushing effect
  • No dicolouration of nonferrous metals
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all water qualities
  • Micro-emulsion with low odour
  • Skin friendly low pH-value

Technical facts



pH-value 10%


Density at +20 °C [g/cm³]


Kin. viscosity at +20 °C [mm²/s]

ca. 110

Mineral oil content

ca. 35%

Corrosive effect 5%

mark 1

Mixing instruction:
Mix AquaTec 1548 always by simultaneously stir in drinking water, never the other way around. The received concentration can be checked by using a hand refractometer.
Refractometer factor = 1,1


5% (1:20)

6% (1:17)

7% (1:14)

8% (1:12)

10% (1:10)







In our brochure you will find all information about AquaTec 1548, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.

Download the brochure of AquaTec 1548


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