AquaTec 7544 - Emulsifiable cooling concentrate

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AquaTec 7544 is a water-mixable cooling concentrate of high stability for general machining, even for heavy duty operations. It has excellent lubrication and good corrosion protection when grinding and general machining ferrous and non-ferrous materials. AquaTec 7544 is especially used to machine aluminium and aluminium alloys. Since it has very low foam characteristics, AquaTec 7544 can be used with inner cooled tools at high pressure. It is not suitable for machining magnesium alloys.

Since it is usable for a wide range of metalworking operations like CNC milling, turning, drilling, thread cutting and grinding AquaTec 7544 is a multi-purpose cooling concentrate and able to work with all applications in a metalworking shop floor. The good lubricating properties lead to a high surface quality of the work piece and a long lifetime of the tool. The machine stays clean because of excellent cleaning properties.


  • Wide range of application in machining steel and cast iron
  • Especially recommended for machining aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • High stability and high lifetime, also in single filled machines
  • Excellent flushing properties
  • Low foam, smell and dust formation
  • Safe corrosion protection

AquaTec 7544 contains no chlorine or nitrite compounds, no preservatives on phenol base and complies with TRGS 611.

Technical facts


brown, clear

pH-value - Application


Density at +20 °C [g/cm³]


Flashpoint (concentrate)


Mixing instruction:
Always mix AquaTec 7544 into water under simultaneous stirring, never the other way around. The concentration can be checked with a hand refractometer.
Refractometer factor = 1,0


4% (1:25)

5% (1:20)

6% (1:17)

7% (1:14)

8% (1:13)







In our brochure you will find all information about AquaTec 7544, the longstanding development as well as the advantages of the product.

Download the brochure of AquaTec 7544


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