ControXid 1642 - Corrosion protection

Optimum protection for cooling circuit and spindle!

ControXid 1642 is a ready-to-use rust protection fluid for coolant circuits based on synthetic, water-soluble corrosion inhibitors. It is extremely low-foam and affords reliable protection against corrosion as well as high resistance to fungal and bacterial contamination.


    ControXid 1642 protects ferrous metals (steel, cast iron) against corrosion and has no effect on aluminium alloys, other nonferrous metals or mineral oil-based sealing materials.

    Since ControXid 1642 is a ready to use corrosion protection its quality is guaranteed.


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    • temporary corrosion protection during hydraulic tests
    • corrosion protection in coolant circuits
    • coolant for machine tool spindles

    Health benefits of corrosion protection:

    • ControXid 1642 is not caustic
    • it does not contain nitrites, chromates or heavy metals and no phosphates, chlorine compounds or amines
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