Dielectrics for the optimum spark gap

Innovative grinding oils for the ultimate surface finish

Water miscible cooling lubricants for highest requirements

Human Technology - for man, nature and machine

Lubricant innovations for over 130 years

We are constantly working on setting new standards with our lubricants. We conduct research and development in cooperation with universities, machine manufacturers and our customers to always offer the best lubricant solutions.

Innovative high-performance lubricants

Certification according to ISO 9001

Highest quality standards

Tradition - with over 130 years of experience

In-house research & development

Complete Service

Innovative product development, strengthened by continuous quality control and comprehensive customer service, is the key to the success of our products.

Not words but actions count: Innovation with a backbone

HUTEC - Human Technology for Man, Nature & Machine - our contribution to a better future!

Human Technology is not only a trademark for us but also a company philosophy. Low risk potential and the environmental compatibility of products and production processes are a high priority for us.

What exactly does that mean?

  • Requirements according to REACH
  • Many laboratory skin evaluations
  • Low-emission products
  • Products free of heavy metals
  • Most modern production facilities
  • Environmentally friendly production processes

Quality with the highest standards and tradition

Product overview

Many years of experience with high-tech lubricants make it possible for us to respond immediately to specific requirements of our customers and to adapt existing fluids to the most diverse manufacturing processes.

If you need more than a standard product or want to increase the productivity of your production, contact us and put our engineers, technicians and tribologists to the test. We guarantee many of our products can be used many years and we also regularly carry out analyses of the products your are using.

Metalworking lubricants

High-performance metalworking lubricants are our core competence. Here you will find our dielectrics for spark erosion, grinding oils, stamping and forming lubricants, water-miscible coolants and specialty lubes for a wide variety of materials.

Industrial lubricants

Industrial lubricants affect our daily life, such as hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils, spindle oils, etc. Without these lubricants, our modern society would be immobile and inflexible. oelheld ensures smooth operation, especially with environmentally friendly solutions.

Corrosion Protection & Cleaner

Corrosion inhibitors and cleaners are an important component in downstream work processes in the metalworking industry and are often an essential component. We match our corrosion protection agents and cleaners for use with our processing media and thus ensure the necessary process compatibility and stability.


We also provide useful helpers around our core competence lubricants to complete and enhance our service offerings. We see ourselves as a system provider who sees its responsibility in the solution of complex work tasks with custom tailored product packages from a single source.

Reliability guaranteed

Full customer service from A - Z

We offer a wide range of solutions for a wide variety of tasks in the area of lubricants. Our consultants in the office and our sales force are at your side with help and advice. Our engineers, technicians, tribologists and chemists from our research and development department are available for special tasks. They are always up to date and develop customized products taking using the latest base oil and additive technologies. If you are looking for more than just a standard product, you are at the right place.

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