Punching oil and Forming oil

Also available as residue-free evaporation!

The products of our DiaCut series are heavy duty lubricants for every level of difficulty which are free from chlorine and heavy metals.

Selected base oils and additives are generating mechanically and thermally extreme stable lubricating films with a high pressure resistance for the ideal material flow and less tool wear.

Adapted for the requirements of your punching process our products offer you the best wetting and separating properties for punching of thin aluminium sheets or fine cutting works with high alloy steels.

Forming oils of our DiaPress series are made of base oils with low aromatic content. They are free from chlorine, heavy metal and oil mist, occupy a high aging resistance and a good viscosity-temperature behavior. By using physiological harmless high-performance extreme-pressure additives we reach the highest pressure resistance even at strong thermal heavy duty. Forming oils of our DiaPress Series are surface-active, adhesive and are showing good wetting and release properties. They are easily sprayable and pumpable.

Our DiaPress series can be used in all forming processes. Different viscosities allow for an optimal adaption to existing spray and pump requirements

DiaPress can be used for all cold formed steels but not for non-ferrous metal.


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