Fluid management

We take charge of your cooling lubricant care with our excellent fluid management!

At oelheld, fluid management is a special service that covers all aspects of caring for our cooling lubricants. This includes analyzing, conditioning and also recording the consumption of your cooling lubricant along with the respective evaluation.

We check the level of your machine tank or central system and top up the cooling lubricant as necessary. Furthermore, we empty, clean and rinse the system, then replenish the cooling lubricant and refill the system.

We regularly analyze the cooling lubricant using both chemical and physical methods (measure concentration with a refractometer, determine water content, nitrite content, pH value or conductance, examine cultures to determine microbial load, etc.).

Should the cooling lubricant vary from the target concentration, we can restore it to its proper level. This can include using foreign oil separators or chemical additives. We also offer other fluid management services such as application advice and the preparation of documentation (lubrication plans, operating instructions, etc.). oelheld regularly offers free seminars on water-mixable cooling lubricants for all interested parties.


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