Micro aerator

For aerating your water-miscible cooling lubricant!

Microbial pollution and contamination shorten the service life of your water-miscible cooling lubricant. The use of the micro aerator alleviates or even solves this problem, as the aeration pads always supply air to the water-miscible cooling lubricant. This not only ensures that unpleasant odors disappear, but also ensures that the smallest particles and foreign oils are carried to the surface where they can be removed, extending the service life of your cooling lubricant.


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  • easy installation
  • extension of the lifetime of your water-soluble products
  • cost reduction
  • increased performance of your water-soluble product
  • risk of skin irritation will be decreased
  • unpleasant odors disappear

Overview of technical data:

Tank size:

500 liter

Depth of immersion:

up to 1250 mm


230 V, 50 Hz, 5 W

Working temperature:


Working range: pH value 4-12
Measurements: 310 x 83 x 62 mm


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