IonoPlus-Series - dielectric for die-sinking EDM

High performance dielectrics for highest demands on die-sinking EDM machines!

High-performance dielectrics of the IonoPlus series are suitable for all requirements during die-sinking. The almost odorless and green dielectric fulfills all requirements from finishing to roughing machining. Using a sophisticated production method, the synthetic product is manufactured in a special blending process. The IonoPlus series does not fall under the operational safety regulations and can be easily filtered with all common filtration systems. Leading machine manufacturers have adapted their generator technology to IonoPlus. IonoPlus IME-MH is predestined as an all-rounder in the product range and offers optimized flushing properties, maximum dielectric strength and a number of other unique advantages.

IonoPlus-series dielectrics can be used in all conventional filter plants and are not regulated by the Industrial Safety Regulation.

IonoPlus IME-ET / IonoPlus 3000-ET
Used in the finest finishing applications with smallest spark gaps (micro work).

IonoPlus IME-ZK
Used for roughing and finishing applications for mould and die making.

IonoPlus IME-MH / IonoPlus 3000-US
Universal dielectric used for roughing and finishing applications.

IonoPlus IME-GL
Mainly used in the roughing sector. In the finishing sector it can only be used under optimum flushing conditions.


Fore more informations download dielectrics brochure now (page 7)

Our IonoPlus dielectric range is particularly characterized by:

  • Increase of the ablation rate
  • Wear reduction
  • Best surface finishes
  • Smaller refill quantities
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