EvoFluid Clean - Hydrocarbon solvents

Suitable for cleaning thanks to best dissolving properties!

These cleaning fluids are synthetically produced hydrocarbon solvents, characterized by excellent dissolving properties, good oil and dirt-bearing-capacity and high purity. Because of their high flash points and their fast evaporation in conjunction with an excellent care of the working material, EvoFluid Clean are in the field of iron-, nonferrous metal and plastic- degreasing ideal, ecofriendly alternatives to Tri, Per or similar halogenated hydrocarbons. They can also be used in ultrasonic baths without any restrictions.

EvoFluid Clean 27/43/56/63 are nearly free of aromatics, have very little smell and are free of halogenated hydrocarbons and glycol-ether. 

As they do not contain any emulsifiers, tensides or other detergents there will be no problems with foaming, and - because they can be regenerated - these products are easy to dispose of.

EvoFluid Clean 27/43/56/63 leads to only slight and passing swelling in most rubber and plastic materials; hardened, undamaged varnishes will not be affected. Nevertheless a durability test is recommended.

After skin contact wet clothing must be removed and the affected skin portions thoroughly rinsed. Toxic or allergic reactions in the human skin or eye have not been observed. Although it is recommended that the usual measures for protecting and caring for the skin when using solvents should be applied.

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