SintoGrind - Grinding oil

Synthetic high-performance grinding oils for the best surfaces!

Grinding oils in our SintoGrind series are high-performance cooling lubricants made of synthetic base oils, free of chlorine and heavy metals, for high-speed grinding processes that require extreme precision and optimum cooling.

SintoGrind products are free of aromatics and contain additives with a high pressure absorption capacity. When SintoGrind is used, the selected additives ensure clean and abrasive grinding wheels. The applied tangential force is effectively reduced and, together with surfactants, superb cooling, wetting and lubricating effectiveness is achieved. The extraction of cobalt during tungsten carbide grinding is minimized due to the special composition.

SintoGrind grinding oils have low rates of evaporation and misting, are extremely low foaming and have excellent rinsing and cooling capacity due to their low viscosity. Furthermore, they are absolutely shear-resistant and extremely resistant to ageing. Fluid life of more than 10 years is often possible and with optimal filtration it can be used longer without any problems.

SintoGrind can be used for all high speed grinding operations such as thread and groove grinding, and is well suited to machining non-ferrous metals, CBN and PCD, chrome-nickel steels, HSS, hard metal, glass, Inconel and zirconium oxide.

SintoGrind is ideal for machines that operate with high cooling lubricant volume flows and those that operate with high flushing pressures. SintoGrind can be easily filtered with all common filter systems and is particularly suitable for edge gap filters.

SintoGrind grinding oils are available in different viscosities and for different materials:

SintoGrind TC-X 630
SintoGrind HSS-X 1400

SintoGrind TTK/TTS
SintoGrind TTS-US

SintoGrind MP 830
SintoGrind IG 540

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