Lapping oil

The lapping agent for your cutting grain!

Lapping is a very fine metal working procedure. The work piece and the tool are gliding on each other in constant change of direction using grain scattered in a liquid. This lapping oil causes material removal in the gap between the work piece and the tool.

The following materials are suited for this application: Plastics, coal, semiconductor, light and non ferrous metals, steel, cast iron, tungsten carbide, glass, ceramics and gemstone.

The lapping grain has to be selected corresponding to the material of the work piece. How hard the grain should be depends on the hardness of the work piece. Work pieces made of tungsten carbide are often processed with bore carbide, work pieces made of glass or hardened steel with silicon carbide and even softer work pieces with aluminium oxide. Synthetic diamond grains are more and more used for rough lapping as well as for polishing. The carrier medium has a great impact on the surface finish and along with the concentration of the grain in the liquid also on the removal rate.

Our lapping medium series which we have called FlexiOil was developed especially for single sided lapping machines and multiple sided lapping machines to meet all of their requirements. Special additives help to avoid the sedimentation of the lapping medium.

Overview of our lapping oils:

FlexiOil 0
Has a low viscosity, to use for finest finishing, for grain in the smallest sizes from 2 to 9 μ (e.g. SiC 1200, SiC 1000 and SiC 800).

FlexiOil 01
A carrier medium able to stand high pressure, for universal usage with a grain size of 8 to 18 μ (e.g. SiC 600 and SiC 400).

FlexiOil GAL
The sedimentation of the lapping medium is successfully avoided by special additives.

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