DiaMond - Superfinishoil

For use on grinding and HSC machines!

DiaMond Superfinishoil are water-bright, odorless synthetic oils of the highest degree of purity and nearly free of aromatic compounds, which in combination with polar active ingredients and skin-protecting additives ensure optimum surface quality with maximum occupational safety. Used in Superfinish or fine grinding machines, DiaMond Superfinishoil is ideal for use with metal, ceramic and resin bonded grinding and lapping wheels as well as CBN and diamond grinding wheels.

DiaMond Superfinishoil is recommended by leading machine manufacturers such as Hauser, CH-Biel (Release No.: 230722).

The grinding wheel service life is extended five times which allows for maximum repeatability. The oils have a high rinsing capacity with optimum filterability of common filter layers, increase the cutting performance and prevent heat cracks thanks to the good cooling properties.

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