LubTool 4000 - Universal cleaner spray

Our universal cleaner spray removes all types of dirt and more!

LubTool 4000 is a highly effective cleaner which is very efficient on a variety of soiled surfaces because of its combination of active cleaning components.

LubTool 4000 is especially suited for the removal of oil resin and grease remains, most coatings, paints and crayon marks, as well as general soiled surfaces on motors and machines. It is perfect for the preparation of bondings and coatings.

Spray LubTool 4000 from a short distance right on your surface, and then scrub it immediately. Keep can in an upright position. Do no use it on leather. Detach coatings, plastics and elastomers. We recommend to test the stability of these materials on a hidden area. Only use it outside or in a well ventilated room. Please refer to the MSDS for further information regarding the handling of this product.


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Our LubTool 4000 is especially characterized by:

  • cleans fast and highly efficient on oil, grease, glue, and remaining sealing material
  • evaporates residue-free
  • economical in use
  • free from hydrocarbons
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