LubTool 6000 - Corrosion protection spray

Corrosion protection spray for your precision-tools!

LubTool 6000 is a modern product which forms a thin, grease-like protective film. It offers reliable corrosion-protection for long-term storage and heavy use. LubTool 6000 does not solidify and can be easily removed after long-term storage. Sprayed parts can be EDM wire-cut without any problems. LubTool 6000 should be shaken before use and sprayed on, ensuring all tool surfaces are completely covered. Container should be held vertically while using it.

  • LubTool 6000 corrosion protection spray is free of FHC, CHC and FCHC

Shake LubTool 6000 well before use, and then thoroughly spray it on covering all tool surfaces. Hold vertically and spray.


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