Profile & History

Profile & History

oelheld for over 130 years!

oelheld GmbH is a medium-sized business which can look back on 130 years of tradition and experience. Since its foundation in 1887 by Carl Christian Held, oelheld GmbH has established itself as a lubricant specialist. Partnership, research and Human Technology are our core values and are traditions that we are proud of.

We work closely with numerous machine manufacturers and universities to develop products that are designed to meet the specific requirements of their machines. This kind of cooperation allows us to meet the needs of our customers and adapt our fluids to the different applications.

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analysis and testing devices which meet the latest industry standards and help us to satisfy our customer’s wishes.



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Corporate Policy

In accordance with our guiding principle ''HUTEC - Human-Technology for Man, Nature and Machine'', we make an active contribution to the protection of the environment, taking into account economic aspects, among other things by applying an integrated management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as by using selected raw materials and state-of-the-art production methods. HUTEC stands for our strategy to balance economic, ecological and social goals.

In order to meet these requirements, the generation of an appropriate return on investment, taking into account the wishes of our customers, the needs of our employees and business partners, as well as the justified demands of the public, while complying with all relevant legal regulations and maintaining a responsible, cooperative, fair & integrity way of dealing with each other, is our declared goal.

oelheld GmbH operates in an economic, technological and legal environment that has a significant impact on the strategic direction of the company and its management system. The latest technological trends in the various branches of industry in conjunction with the resulting changes in requirements for materials and part geometries are constantly presenting new challenges to the metalworking industry and mechanical engineering as our primary customer base. As a manufacturer of lubricants and metalworking fluids, we are also confronted with these challenges.

In order to be able to meet the changing technological, ecological and economic aspects, a fast, internationally functioning communication is required.

Another important aspect is the legal situation, which in our case is mainly characterized by chemical law (GHS, REACH), transport law (ADR/IMDG), environmental law (e.g. WHG, BImSchG) as well as safety-related topics (e.g. ASiG, DGUV regulations) concerning lubricants, their production as well as their safe use by the user. In addition, a reliable supply situation, on-time product availability and customer-friendly, fast-reacting service behavior are important criteria for our customers when selecting suppliers. In this respect, we must also specifically consider and take into account emergency scenarios.

We assume responsibility for our ecological and social environment and strive to minimize and, where possible, avoid negative direct and indirect effects.

We are committed to complying with both national and international human rights and labor standards. Internally, the focus of our activities is primarily on ensuring reliable and high product quality, maintaining and enhancing employee competence, developing and manufacturing our products in a resource-efficient manner, and optimizing internal processes.

Responsibility for the system effectiveness of the management system lies directly with the management and is demonstrated within the framework of regular management evaluations.

Version: May 2020

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