Oil separator

To clean your coolant!

With the oil separator you can remove any foreign oil from your water-soluble coolant. It works with any tramp oil, whether it’s a small leak of hydraulic or slideway oil or another lubricant that was incorrectly poured in.

The fluid surface is vacuumed off via a skimmer. The skimmer is self-regulating, continuously adapts to the fluid surface and is attached to the cooling lubricant tank by a magnet.

The vacuumed liquids are gently transported in a sedimentation tank. The oil separator has a long service life, as the vacuumed oils and emulsions do not come into contact with rotating parts (e.g. pumps). The liquid in the sedimentation tank flows back into the machine's cooling lubricant tank via an inclined plate filter. The inclined plate filter ensures an optimum and continuous discharge of foreign oil. The oil separator switches off automatically when the  maximum level is reached so that it does not overflow.

The foreign oil separator is made of stainless steel and sheet steel. The container for separated foreign oil (approx. 15 liter capacity) can be removed without tools.


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Our oil seprator is especially characterized by:

  • compact design
  • wheels for high mobility
  • can be used on several machines per shift
  • skimmer automatically adapts to the surface

Overview of technical data:

Hydraulic capacity

depending on settings, up to 250 l/h

Oil removal

35 l/h

Electrical connection

230 V, 50 Hz, 0,45 kW, 3.5 A


L 750 x W 500 x H 950 mm


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