VOMAT filtration systems

For filtering of your grinding fluid and more!

Only through the use of extremely clean grinding oils can high quality tools be ground economically and reliably against increasingly tight tolerance requirements. To meet these requirements, the filtration system manufacturer VOMAT provides compact, powerful and energy-efficient solutions for the metal processing industry. VOMAT filter systems are perfect for the filtration of micro particles in lubricants used in processes such as grinding, honing, lapping and eroding. VOMAT offers high performance back flushing cartridge filter systems with highly accurate temperature control, automatic controlled sludge sedimentation and online monitoring to avoid any shut downs of the filtration system during production. A HSS pre-filter can be easily retrofitted into any Vomat system due to the modular machine concept. The VOMAT filtration systems range includes stand alone and whole plant systems and are designed for easy adaptability to customer specific requirements. With an array of optional add-on equipment we can expand the systems to ever changing needs in terms of capacity or product quality.


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Available filter systems:

 Dimensions (l x w x h in inches)Filtration Performance Liter / US-Gal

filling Volume US-Gal

FA 12039.4 x 63 x 47.3120l. / ~ 30 Galca. 132
FA 18039.4 x 63 x 47.3180l. / ~ 45 Gal

ca. 132

FA 24039.4 x 63 x 47.3240l. / ~ 60 Gal

ca. 132

FA 30039.4 x 63 x 47.3300l. / ~ 75 Gal

ca. 132

FA 36039.4 x 63 x 47.3360l. / ~ 90 Gal

ca. 132

FA 42039.4 x 63 x 47.3420l. / ~ 105 Gal

ca. 132

FA 48055.2 x 98.5 x 47.3480l. / ~ 120 Gal

ca. 317

FA 60055.2 x 98.5 x 47.3600l. / ~ 150 Gal

ca. 317

FA 72055.2 x 98.5 x 47.3720l. / ~ 180 Gal

ca. 317

FA 84055.2 x 98.5 x 47.3840l. / ~ 210 Gal

ca. 317

FA 96055.2 x 98.5 x 47.3960l. / ~ 240 Gal

ca. 317

oelheld also offers centralized filtration systems such as FA 1200, FA 2400, FA 3600, FA 4800, FA 6000, FA 7200, etc. Please contact oelheld U.S. for further information.

Economical advantages:

  • Filtered particles > 3μm
  • Usable with oils up to 15 cSt. @ 104°F
  • Sludge sedimentator (~ 5% oil contaminated)
  • Very low volume of grinding fluid needed
  • Filtration using minimal floor space - very compact build
  • Full flow filtration instead of by pass filtration
  • Easy exchange of the filter cartridges (towering sludge on the sides of the cartridges stays in the unit and is falls back into the dirty tank)
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