Measuring report for water-miscible cooling lubricants

For optimum monitoring of your cooling lubricant!

Water-miscible cooling lubricants can change over time. Contaminants can include other oils or residues of cleaners on the workpiece or tool. According to DGUV regulation 109-003, it is absolutely necessary to make a control plan for a new preparation of water-miscible cooling lubricants and regular tests. This provides the user with a good overview of the measurement values. These are for example:

  • machine name/description
  • machine number
  • filling quantity
  • machining shape
  • material
  • name of the cooling lubricant
  • application concentration
  • refractometer factor
  • clerk/keeper of the data and information

Further information about the used mixing water should be included:

  • nitrite value
  • nitrate value
  • hardness grade

In general, a separate measuring report should be kept for each individually filled machine in which the measured values are recorded once a week.


Measuring report for water-miscible cooling lubricants

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