Skin protection plan for the handling of coolants

To maintain skin health during daily work!

The observance and adherence to an individually adapted skin protection plan serves to maintain the health of your skin. Therefore, the provision of necessary and suitable skin protection products must be part of the employers operational safety management plan. Effective, sustainable skin protection takes place before, during and after work. It serves to avoid skin irritations in the form of acute and chronic eczema, mechanical (e.g. due to abrasive particles) and physical damage, dehydration, inflammation, allergies, etc.

Eczema represents 90% of all work-related skin diseases and shows itself through various symptoms. Initially these symptoms are often harmless, but in the absence of skin protection measures or treatment they can lead to inability to work.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body with multiple functions. Damage can lead to a limited quality of life.

Skin protection consists of:

  • Skin protection, before starting work, after breaks and after washing hands
  • Cleaning, during work, before breaks and after finishing work
  • Skin care, after work for regeneration
  • Disinfection, depending on operational needs

Below is a hand and skin protection plan for individual customization and printout to the safety measures you use in your company.

Hand and skin protection plan

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