Performing a system cleaning

How to do it?

Below is a list of how to use a system cleaner to clean your CNC machine and sump:

  1. Add system cleaner to the coolant before emptying it. Then re-pump or continue working for 8 to 24 hours.
  2. Complete emptying of the system. The emulsion/solution with the system cleaner can be pumped out into a separate container such as a drum or tote.
  3. Clean the sump and coolant system with rags and/or with the use of a high-pressure washer. Remove cleaning residues from the system.
  4. After cleaning the system, rinsing is the important. Use a fresh rinse emulsion/solution (approx. 2.0 - 2.5 %) to provide good corrosion protection and dissolve even the strongest soiling and deposits. This is very effective for rinsing even dirt in the pipes as well as the system cleaner. Foaming is avoided because the machine is completely rinsed out.
  5. After the machine has been thoroughly rinsed, the cleaning emulsion/solution can pumped out. Manual cleaning is recommended.
  6. Refill the system with coolant in the appropriate application concentration.

Performing a system cleaning

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